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Digital Tube

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    • high power amber color LED Lamp bead

      Contact Nowhigh power amber color LED Lamp beadAdvanced Power TOPLED Plus, Enhanced optical Power LED (ThinGaN), red (R), white P-LCC-4 package, colorless clear silicone resin, clear silicone lens Product Features Package: white SMT package colorless clear silicone resin clear silicone lens Feature of the device: more light due to...Read MoreAug 13, 2016

    • LED seven segment display applications

      Contact NowLED seven segment display applicationsLED seven segment display applications Part Number: XS-4B0302 Connecting Form:Common Anode Lighting Color:Blue Surface Status:Black Face, White Segment Absolute Maximum Ratings:Ta=25ºC MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 0 2 DocumentNotSpecified 7.8 磅 Normal 0 ...Read MoreApr 25, 2016

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